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The Trusted Original™

  Lowepro is The Trusted Original
We are inventors, designers, photographers and lovers of the natural world who take our reputation as The Trusted Original™ to heart.

We also are shoot & sharers, bloggers, travelers, hikers, cyclists, rock climbers, runners, surfers, skiers, kayakers and snowboarders. Each of our interests influences how we carry and use our cameras, video cameras, laptops, GPS and other portable electronic devices.

We are obsessed with the way photographers work. Always have been. Always will be. We study their every move and incessantly invent solutions for the challenges they face: changing weather, remote locations; bustling cities, and international travel.

Our design team is a passionate, curious and disciplined set of individuals. They put incredible energy and imagination into building and testing products. They suit up with gear-filled backpacks on kayaking adventures. They wear DSLR shoulder bags and navigate busy city metros, buses and streets. They send photographer colleagues out to use prototypes on weekends and vacations.

Obsessive? Yes. Good qualities for designing camera bags? We think so. And hope you do, too.



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