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Lowepro refreshes its GPS collection with two new and protective designs sized for 5.0-inch screen models and purpose built to add convenience while using and organizing navigation devices.

(Sebastopol, CA, October 1, 2010) – Lowepro, the leading brand of protective gear for photography equipment and portable electronics, unveils two new protective cases, specially designed for 5.0-inch screen GPS devices: the 5.0 Navi™ Dash and 5.0 Navi™ Sleeve.

"Our GPS collection was a big hit when we launched it several months ago — consumers appreciated the protective and inventive construction of a Lowepro-designed GPS case ," said Treg Tyler, Lowepro worldwide marketing director. "Now, we're quickly responding to the growing popularity of large-screen 5.0 devices, and offering real innovation in these latest products," he added.

The 5.0 Navi Dash provides an easy-to-use solution for protecting a GPS device while in use and when stored. Constructed of cushioned and protective neoeprene, it unfolds to reveal an all-in-one design. Its inventive mounting system adheres the case to most automotive dashboards — handy in regions which prohibit windshield mounts. The weighted base features a non-slip, silicone rubber facing. Two cord ports allow a GPS device to charge while its in the case.

The 5.0 Navi Sleeve offers an ultra-compact profile in a protective design also crafted of cushioned neoprene. It includes a convenient, built-in microfiber cloth to clean the large LCD screen of a 5.0 GPS device.

The 5.0 Navi Dash and 5.0 Navi Sleeve are available in Black. For more information about the GPS collection and other products, please visit www.lowepro.com

Design Highlights

  • 5.0 Navi Dash designed as an all-in-one mounting and storage case — when unwrapped, its silicone rubber facing adheres to most dashboard surfaces.
  • 5.0 Navi Sleeve includes a built-in microfiber cloth — a handy way to clean an LCD screen.

Dimensions & Fits

8.5W x 0.6D x 11.8H in.
21.5 x 1.5 x 30 cm
Most 5.0-in. portable navigation

5.7W x 0.9D x 3.9H in.
14.5 x 2.2 x 10 cm
Most 5.0-in. portable navigation

About Lowepro

Since 1967, Lowepro camera bags have been traveling the world, earning the loyalty and admiration of the best photographers, and setting the industry standard for inventive, purpose-built products. Our collections include professional-grade designs for cameras, laptops, imaging accessories and portable consumer electronics. It is our passion and privilege to provide accessible, comfortable and protective designs for our customers. Lowepro products are available around the globe, for every climate, for every condition. Wherever you go, chances are you'll find us there. To learn more about our inventive spirit, please visit www.lowepro.com.


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