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Classified 100 AW Kit

The Classified 100 AW Kit is an inventive trio of modular bags designed for the photographer who travels by day or night — or around the world — with his or her pro compact point-and-shoot camera, accessories and a few essentials. The kit quickly adjusts to suit different scenarios via the inventive SlipLock Link™ system. Wear as a complete kit with pouches attached to the shoulder bag. Use the shoulder bag alone to carry a netbook, maps, passport or wallet. Connect the two pouches, waistpack-style with your own belt, or onto any Classified bag.

Artful details include leather handles and touchpoints; practical features include quick-release buckles and a patented All Weather AW Cover™ built into the shoulder bag. The kit consists of the Classified 100 AW shoulder bag, the Classified 35 Lens/Accessory Pouch and the Classified 30 Camera Pouch.

Available in the U.S. June 30th, 2009. All colors & sizes may not be available in all countries. Check with your local distributor for availability.

The Classified AW Kit spends a week in Paris

Luis Quehl (left) is a product designer on the Lowepro team. Recently he traveled to Paris with the Classified 100 AW Kit, some favorite gear and personal items. His observations confirmed that this trio serves as a handy and flexible companion.

What Luis carried in his Classified 100 AW Kit
Classified 100 AW: Sketch book, novel, maps, boarding passes, passport, box of pens and pencils, small flashlight, back-up battery for iPod touch, spare set of batteries for flash, sunglasses
Classified 35: Flash, iPod touch, ear buds
Classified 30: Canon G11 pro point-and-shoot

"Sometimes I went out with the two pouches attached to my belt; other times I wore the entire kit (minus the novel!) over my shoulder so I could sketch and photograph. The kit was ideal for travel — super lightweight, versatile and stylish. I don't like to dress down to travel... I like to wear a nice jacket and cool button-up shirts with jeans. So, on top of its great access story and incredible adaptability, I'd say the Classified 100 AW kit helped keep me looking sharp. I looked much less like a tourist when I snuck into the frame of a photo or two."

Classified 100 AW Shoulder Bag
7.7W x 1.4D x 10.8H in.
19.5 x 3.5 x 27.5 cm
A variety of personal items such as: netbook, notepad, camera manual, passport, digital devices, cords, spare batteries or battery charger, personal essentials
Classified 35 Lens Accessory Pouch
3.7W x 2.6D x 4.8H in.
9.3 x 6.5 x 12.1 cm
Compatible lens or flash unit; accessories
Classified 30 Pro Compact Camera Pouch
3.1W x 1.8D x 4.3H in.
8 x 4.5 x 11 cm
Pro compact point-and-shoot camera (Canon G11, Nikon P6000, Ricoh GX200, Sigma DP1, Leica D LUX 4, Panasonic DMC LX3)

Also sold separately


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