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Classified AW Series

The Lowepro Classified AW Series

Hardworking bags specifically designed for the hardworking photojournalists who carry them. These nimble, fast-access bags have a modern, off-hours appeal. A slimmer profile, contoured to move easily with the body, helps the professional navigate a busy street in Prague or a crowded subway in New York. Soft edges, briefcase styling, leather details at contact points, and an embossed logo create a discreet aesthetic. The built-in patented All Weather Cover™ protects contents from the elements while getting to the next assignment by bicycle, bus, motorcycle or foot. Available in a range of sizes and models to accommodate cameras, lenses and accessories, including a notebook in the largest shoulder bag model.

The original Classified AW shoulder bag series, launched in the fall of 2008, is the Best Photo of Bag of 2009 award winner of Europe's prestigious Technical Imaging Press Association (TIPA). Read the press release.

Andrew Kornylak's point-of-view

Andrew Kornylak (left), Lowepro Photography Showcase photographer and man about town (and Disneyland!) blogs about our Classified AW shoulder bag series.

His quote: "The bag is very well-balanced and contours well on your body, but the inner sanctum is still well-padded for camera gear and keeps its shape. It's deeper than the average camera bag, which is nice when you need to stack lenses (I always do anyway) or throw your saddled-up DSLR back in the bag real quick with the lens hood still attached. The main zipper, with big, stiff pull-tabs on either end, is smooth and easy to use one-handed. Since the zipper is on the flap rather than under it, you aren't in danger of the whole thing turning over or falling open if you pick it up by the carrying handles with the zipper open." Read his witty and first-hand impressions here.

A review of the Classified 160 AW by Sinuhe Xavier

Excerpt from Overland Journal's 2010 Gear Guide:

"I teamed up with the legendary expedition photographer Ace Kvale. We packed up our camera equipment before dawn and headed out on our long approach to the climbing crags. I didn't see Ace carrying a camera bag, only his large climbing pack, so I reminded him that he might need one — it was a photo shoot after all. He swung around laughing, and held up his Lowepro Classified.

I was intrigued because it looked more like a stylish, yet utilitarian shoulder bag than the sometimes overtly nerdy photo packs. The fact that it carried a full size DSLR with three lenses, including a hefty 70-200 zoom, impressed me to say the least. Throughout the day Ace carried the Classified from low-angle flat shooting to two pitches up some of the most beautiful wingate sandstone on the Colorado Plateau.

Fast forward to an urban jungle after I acquired one of my own, and I was coasting effortlessly through crowds, unnoticed as a photographer. The camera proved easy to reach within the confines of the bag; the well-thought-out intuitive design and its round, soft leather edges slipped on and off the trains without getting caught on small children or moving parts. It doesn't even look like a computer bag, so you might even get away with forgetting it in the front seat while parked on the streets of La Paz and not have it stolen."

The product designer's inspiration

"As a designer, I think Classified AW takes a no-nonsense approach to beauty and functionality...its grit and its polish blend to create a classic. As a photographer, it comes as close to the "perfect" bag as any I have used.

In the end, a bag such as this will be judged on its merits. I am confident you will find it meets your most exacting standards. Use it well and enjoy."

Kevin Crandall (right), Senior Designer, Lowepro

The complete series

Classified AW is designed to keep a pro or enthusiast ready for anything...anywhere. Use the bags in multiples; change them up when the scenario changes; wear them with confidence, knowing they're as stylish as they are protective. Watch the video

Shoulder Bags


Sling Bags

Classified 160 AW New! Classified 30 New! Classified Sling 220 AW
New! Classified Sling 180 AW
Sepia color available in Classfied 160 AW. All colors & sizes may not be available in all countries. Check with your local distributor for availability.


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