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A Tale with a Spin

Glenn Matsuo is a geologist, so his work takes him and his Lowepro bag into some pretty rugged country. On May 23rd (he'll never forget the date) he was flying over the northern Ontario bush, taking pictures from a helicopter, his camera around his neck and the rest of his equipment in his Lowepro Mini Mag AW.

Suddenly, the helicopter went into a spin. By the time we were out of the spin, Glenn remembers, we were in the trees. It was so sudden and so quick, there was no time to be scared. Unfortunately, the camera around my neck was destroyed and I was a little worse for wear.

"I didn't expect anything would have survived in the camera bag." But Matsuo was in for a surprise. When he opened the Lowepro bag, he found his lenses, flash unit and filters in perfect working order. Glenn Matsuo has recently purchased another Lowepro camera bag. "After what mine has had to endure, I am really happy with the quality of Lowepro camera bags." While a helicopter crash is considerably more rigorous than the conditions we anticipate for our bags, we're glad that Glenn Matsuo's Lowepro came through with flying colors. And Glenn, we're even happier to know that you survived the helicopter crash.


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