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Concrete, Car Tires & a Lowepro Camera Bag

Avid photo enthusiast Tyler Brubaker of Owensboro, Kentucky owns a couple of Lowepro camera bags. His Unbelievable Story involves his Mini Nova (a classic Lowepro bag, but discontinued model—see our Nova 140 AW for a similar design). His wife decided to take his Mini Nova—jammed full with camera gear—along with her during a day trip. She put the bag on the roof while she loaded her car. And yes, you can guess the rest. She backed her car out with the Mini Nova still on the roof. It hit the concrete before she ran over it. Tyler became a bigger fan of our durable construction once he saw the tire mark on the Mini Nova, but no damage to his valuable camera gear. "Awesome" is the word that came to his lips after this experience. "I am in sales and I appreciate good quality," Tyler said.

P.S. Even though his Mini Nova sports a tire mark, Tyler still uses it and took it on a recent trip to Paris. He wears it here on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower.


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