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Toploader Pro™ AW Meets the Tviberi Ice Pass

Vadim Kroukhmaliov is an award-winning photographer and photographic instructor based in Israel. He counts on his numerous Lowepro backpacks, toploaders, shoulder bags and cases to keep his vast collection of camera gear protected and organized. During a trekking expedition in the Svaneti region of Georgia, he encountered a very close call with his Toploader Pro™ 70 AW.

"We started our ascent toward the Tviberi Ice Pass, located 2,310 meters above sea level in the remote and rugged Svaneti region of Georgia. We chose a route that was off the beaten track — not frequented by many tourists and trekkers. These paths are very narrow and steep and the terrain beautiful and dramatic. As we walked along the winding "goat" path, I realized I needed to reposition my footing to get a better grip on the uneven and rocky terrain. As I moved, I lost my balance and fell about 7 meters down with my back facing the abyss. I hit two rocky thresholds on my way down.

I had my Canon® 1D camera in my hands — the lens was shattered and shell punctured from those impacts. I was carrying the rest of my gear in a Toploader Pro™ 70 AW holster-style bag. Fortunately, I survived the fall, but needed some medical treatment for my left arm and several stitches on my head. Later, even my doctor told me that my equipment probably helped save me from other injuries — like broken ribs.

After I assessed the damage from my fall, I found that the gear in my Lowepro bags was intact. Even the pro-sized filters I carried in a Lowepro SlipLock™ case survived the ordeal and did not show a single scratch or crack.

I would like to thank my good fortune and the designers of my Lowepro bags for creating such robust systems. They not only saved my camera gear, I believe they helped save my life."


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