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You Crashed The Family Car?

Last summer, the Thurstons were involved in a serious car accident. Mrs. Thurston's Photo Trekker and camera equipment survived the crash that demolished a new Volvo station wagon, 2 cases of red wine and Mr. Thurston's camera case (made by another company) and the very expensive camera gear inside.

In Mrs. Thurston's words: "The next day, my son returned to the scene of the accident and noticed a pile of what appeared to be old rags in a mud puddle 75' from the wreckage. He gave it a kick and realized it was my missing Photo Trekker. The pack had been ejected from the rear of the car, bounced across the highway and into the puddle, where it lay all night in the rain. The contents were intact and dry: 2 Nikon FE2 bodies, 7 lenses and other photo equipment. The plastic lens shade for the 18mm lens was broken and there was a small dent in the metal lens shade for the 600mm lens - the only damage! THANK YOU, Lowepro! You have built an incredible pack." While we don't design Lowepro bags and packs specifically for these conditions, we're glad this one withstood the crash. And we're delighted the Thurstons lived to tell the tale.


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