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Your Bag Saved My Life!

A. Murat Eren is a computer scientist, photographer and blogger from New Orleans.

He's been a big fan of our Flipside 400 AW backpack some time because of its lightweight, yet robust design. As he says, "Perfect for a street photographer like me who wants to keep his equipment safe and sound." Not so long ago, he "unintentionally" found another use of this pack.

"I was in the French Quarter to take some photos of Jamie, who is a model from New Orleans. This historic neighborhood is a very pedestrian-friendly place, and since they do pay attention to you much more than you pay attention to them, it is very easy to forget that there are cars and trucks around you.

At some point I was on the street trying to find the right perspective to take this beautiful photo of Jamie and all of a sudden I found myself knocked down on the pavement. What actually happened was that this truck driver, who forgot to stop at the stop sign, had not seen me on the street and hit me! I remember trying to feel if everything was all right with me while I was on the ground. Surprisingly, I was OK. Your bag absorbed most of the impact. It was like a pillow between my back and the hard, solid material of the truck. Of course, this is not one of the features you offer to your customers, but if I haven't had that Lowepro Flipside 400 AW on my back that day, I might have suffered a pretty serious injury.

After the incident, I had no hope for the lenses in the pack. On top of its great performance to protect me from the impact, it even protected my lenses. All lenses and filters were fine. This was more than anything I could ask for the price I paid for this great bag. I'm sure the driver who hit me was as thankful to Lowepro as I was."

You can see some of his work at http://meren.org/.

The historic and picturesque French Quarter where A. Murat Eren used his Flipside 400 AW


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