1. Zhenwei Cheng: IT Team, Daymen US

    Crater Lake
  2. Dan Keegan: Creative Resources, Daymen US

    Classic Car Front End
  3. Dano Blanchard: Web Marketing, Daymen US

    Aradia - Las Vegas BellyDance Intensive & Festival
  4. Chris Dangtran: Creative Resources, Daymen US

    Paris View
  5. David Ray:

    Web Marketing, Daymen US
  6. Michael Rodgers:

    Marketing, Daymen US
  7. Jason Hashimoto: Sales Team, DayMen Canada

    Urban Street Scenes
  8. Brendan: Marketing Manager, Australia

    Location lighting and flash study
  9. Marc Gaunt: Creative Team, Daymen Canada

    Oia, Santorini, Greece
  10. Amy Chetcuti: Product Management

    La Roque Gageac, France
  11. Nancy Roellke

    Fountain, Lecce Italy
  12. Maury Cohen: Product Specialist

    Times Square, New York, NY
  13. Sam: Photographer Relations/Outdoor Adventure Team

    Polar Bear in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.


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Classic Car Front End
Spiderweb Wheel Skull Headers
Name: Dan K.

Category: Urban/Event

The Story:
Our colleague Dan in Creative Resources has always had a passion for all things retro/vintage, especially classic cars. He's attended car shows since he was a teen, and (of course) brought along a camera to shoot his favorites. Over the years, he's accumulated quite a collection of photos, but noticed they all started looking very similar. That realization spoke to his graphic designer self. He now explores more interesting ways to capture the beautiful lines and unique details in these cars' designs. As you can see, elements like chrome and flared fenders catch his eye. Anything that looks cool! LP bag used for all shots: Classified Sling 180 AW.

Best photo tip: I feel that creative experimentation is what makes photography the most fun for me! Don't be afraid to take chances, learn what your camera can do and take advantage of it. Don't take five shots of something you love, take fifty you'd be surprised what you'll come up with!

Shooting Data: Canon EOS XTi| 47mm | f/5.6 | 1/500 sec | ISO 100

Name: Dano

Category: Urban/Event

The Story:
When he's not working as our web producer, Dano combines his passion for photography with his wife's career as a professional belly dancer. Capturing the motion, power and beauty of dancers in performance has become one of his favorite challenges in photography. These images from the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive & Festival represent some of his favorite shots of this unique art form. Dan carries his gear in a DSLR Video Fastpack 350 AW and a Classified 200 AW.

Best photo tip: You can never learn enough about your gear and how it functions in different environments. My most agonizing moments have come from fumbling with settings in a dark room resulting in missed shots. Spending the time to frequently re-acquaint yourself with features and menus will make you faster at making adjustments on the fly – and in the dark.

Shooting Data: Canon EOS 50D | 145mm | f/2.8 | 1/00 sec. | ISO 1250
Photo credit: Dano Photo credit: Dano

Outside Lands Music Festival 2011 Name: Josh

Category: Urban/Event

The Story:
A passion for live music, exuberant fans and fresh air inspired Josh from our Creative Services and Urban-Event team to grab this image from the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. To capture the mood from different vantage points, he used the S&F Lens Exchange Case 200 AW and tested out some new gear.

Best photo tip: Shoot first, ask questions later.

Shooting Data: Canon EOS 5D Mark II | 16mm | f/5.6 | 1/250 sec | ISO 1250

Outside Lands Music Festival - Dave Chappelle Outside Lands Music Festival

Joey Name: Suzanne

Category: Urban/Event

The Story:
Suzanne from our Photographer Relations team took the Passport Sling Passport Sling with her for a weekend full of family events. This intimate portrait of her son Joey was shot in her sister-in-law's living room during a birthday party. Cousins and kids all disappeared to the backyard when Joey looked up as if to ask, "Where did everyone go?" The next event: a wedding in Sonoma, California where the weather was perfect for a celebration. Suzanne captured memorable details of the scene, such as champagne gifts for attendees and vibrant, pink and green colored centerpieces.

Best photo tip: Don't be afraid to experiment with the settings of your camera. Go beyond automatic.

Shooting Data: Canon EOS 5D | 70mm | f/4 | 1/10 sec | ISO 100
Suzanne Suzanne Suzanne

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