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Greg Lowe invented the world's first internal-frame backpack so he and others could carry their gear with security, accessibility and comfort. Since that first design breakthrough, we've carried on the tradition by providing photographers — from seasoned pros to newbie point-and-shooters — with thoughtful, well-made products for their digital pursuits. And we're still at it.

Increase Your Lens-Changing Speed

Our patent-pending function on the S&F™ Lens Exchange Case 200 AW lets you quickly switch out a lens while you work. Pull down the handle to reveal two compartments: one contains your second lens. Detach the lens on the camera body you're working with. Grab the second lens. Attach to the body. Place the unneeded lens in the case and zip to close. You're ready to go.

The SlipLock™ Way

Our SlipLock™ system is based on a basic principle: you want to carry more stuff. Many Lowepro bags include SlipLock™ attachment loops. Compatible accessories feature integrated tabs that secure to those loops. So it's easy to add on and carry on!

Lock & Go System™

Debuting on our Pro Roller x-Series, Lowepro's exclusive Lock & Go System™ features a Travel Sentry™ lock that secures all compartments and pockets with a universal, retractable cable.

360° All Weather AW Cover™

In 2008, we added the 360° feature to our All Weather AW Cover™ design, protecting contents from bottom to lid so you can work out of the bag in the rain. You'll find this feature on the new Nova AW and Toploader Pro AW series.

Hideaway Tripod Mount™

It's adjustable, removable and downright indispensable. Our Hideaway Tripod Mount™ attaches to your bag and stabilizes a tripod or monopod so you can carry and access with ease.

Over 40 Years of Invention


Lowepro launches a breakthrough and patent-pending exchange function on an inventive lens case, part of the S&F Series™ of modular products: The S&F™ Lens Exchange Case 200 AW.
  The S&F™ Audio Utility Bag 100 helps photographers capture sound as they shoot stills and HD video. Lowepro designed this flexible kit as an ideal organizing and working solution.
  Introducing a roller bag that is also a shoulder bag. Plus, a ready-for-travel bag. Lowepro's Pro Roller™ Attaché x50 is a compact two-bags-in-one design offers true versatility for the pro photographer.


Pro Roller x-Series debuts, featuring an official Travel Sentry™ lock with universal cable and a premium Lock & Go System™ of security.


Lowepro develops the industry's first photo backpack constructed of 51% recycled Cyclpet® material, a 100% post-consumer recycled fabric, establishing the industry standard for eco-friendly carrying solutions.


Lowepro introduces the first two compartment camera bag that combines waterproof camera protection with personal storage and a hydration system.


Lowepro makes a splash with the DryZone 200, the first camera backpack to take camera gear into the water - safely.


Lowepro reinvents the rolling camera backpack, placing the backpack harness on one side and the handle and wheels on the other - a more comfortable and efficient patented system.


Lowepro produces the first of many new camera bags designed specifically for digital cameras.
  Lowepro produces the first camera/notebook backpack for photojournalists.


Lowepro creates the Film Drop AW (patented), with an aperture-like opening that stows exposed film safely - instantly - even on the run.
  Lowepro pioneers innovative rolling cases with a prop-up stand to make gear access easier.
  Lowepro develops the most comprehensive modular carrying system ever, the revolutionary Street & Field™ System.


Lowepro wins the IFAI International Achievement Award, one of many awards the company has earned.
  Lowepro's Off Road is the first camera bag with the SlipLock™ System, a modular system that changed the way many photographers carry equipment.


Lowepro wins the IDSA prestigious silver Industrial Design Excellence Award for the design of the Orion AW Backpack.


Lowepro develops the first OverLap Zipper™, an innovation now standard for camera bags.


Lowepro originates the revolutionary All Weather Cover™ (patented), a built-in raincoat for torrential downpours, snow, sand, dust and hot sun.


Lowepro introduces another of Greg's inventions, the ergonomically contoured shoulder strap. Lowepro pioneers the CollarCut™ harness, a giant step forward in carrying comfort.


Greg pioneers the use of plastic buckles on backpacks and camera bags.


Lowepro introduces the first soft-sided, foam-padded camera bag developed by Greg Lowe.


Lowepro founder, Greg Lowe, creates the world's first internal-frame backpack in his garage.


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