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Barbara Bordnick

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Barbara Bordnick

"Photographing fashion is creating a mystery and drama. It's a leap from reality that can take you anywhere you want to go and that is its seduction. Photographing people, as portraiture, is a search for what is below the surface. It is there that their truth lies. Photographing nudes, I see the way I would like to be touched. I try to make the light be the sensual caress of a hand. Having spent most of my career photographing fashion, portraits and nudes, it was natural that the sensual beauty and mystery of flowers would captivate me. I get lost in their endless nuances and surprises. The sensual movement of their shapes and colors are almost like a dance. And the quiet place that they take me is hypnotic."

Legendary international photographer Barbara Bordnick's images have been called "elegant," "classic," and "lyrical." She has earned numerous awards for her work in film, print, advertising and art. Her photographs are in the permanent collections of the International Center of Photography and the Gilman Collection in New York. Barbara's sensitive flower explorations inspired the books Searching: Secret Landscapes of Flowers Volumes I, II and III.



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