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Bob Carmichael

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Bob Carmichael

"Throughout my career, I've covered a wide range of assignments.  I've explored and shot motion pictures in the mountains, in the air and from the water through my company Denali Productions.  These endeavors have given me a breath of experience that I utilize when taking pictures.  Be it taking photographs of musicians, fashion, documentary, portrait, sport-action or landscape, I find myself continually fascinated, and learning from each experience."

Bob has been using Lowepro gear dating back to the mid 1970's when he and Greg Lowe collaborated on several ambitious climbing films that required transporting motion picture cameras into remote, technical climbing terrain.  One of their projects, which introduced extreme skiing, Fall Line, won an Academy Award Nomination. Bob also has an Emmy Award for this work in sports documentaries and has worked as a director/cameraman in the commercial, feature and documentary fields.  He works through his production company Denali Productions and Carmichael Photography.




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