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Brenda Tharp

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Brenda Tharp

"I travel to experience the world. I make pictures to capture the essence of the land and the people and to show others how wonderful this world is. There isn't a day that I wake up that I'm not grateful for the opportunity to see and it's even more exciting when I can get out there to photograph it. Photography is about celebrating Life for me and I can find it in the wide open landscape, the intimate heart of a flower, or in the face of a stranger. Sharing what I see is pure joy for me. I teach workshops and lead photo tours internationally as a way of helping others capture the essence of what they see."

An award-winning photographer, writer and teacher, Brenda's clients have included Audubon, Chronicle Books, Michelin Travel Guides, National Geographic, National Park Service, and The Sierra Club. Her photographs are frequently used for greeting cards and calendars. Brenda is the author of the acclaimed book, "Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography" which inspires photographers looking to develop their visual skills.




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