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Chris Owen Halper

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Chris Owen Halper

"My job as a photographer is to capture time and space to tell a story in a single frame. I pass or fail at that moment and with the push of a button."

After years of working in the film industry and TV news, happenstance would rekindle Chris' photographic romance with the impulse purchase of an early generation digital SLR. The stills camera was an old friend not seen since high school and he quickly remembered how natural it had always felt.

The same year would prove pivotal for another reason when, inspired by TV's "Eco-Challenge," Chris would venture off the couch and into the wilderness as captain of his own Adventure Race team. He quickly fused his pastime with his profession and has become a leading Expedition & Adventure Sport photographer.

Chris' high-end corporate event photographs have won him international distinction. His television credits include Eco-Challenge, and his print and editorial credits include Adventure Sports Magazine, Extreme and Get Out There. He is the official event photographer for the City Of Toronto.





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