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Chris Rainier

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Chris Rainier

"I have a passion for documenting cultures in transition, from war zones to indigenous people. In spiritual places, I move out of the way and let the power of the place pass through the camera."

One of the world's leading documentary photographers, Chris Rainier is a National Geographic Society Fellow, a contributing photographer for Geographic Adventure Magazine, co-director of the Geographic Society's Enduring Voices Program, and co-director of the National Geographic All Roads Photography Program supporting the photography of Indigenous photographers globally. His images have appeared in numerous publications, including: Life, Time, Smithsonian, Condé Nast Traveler, Outside, The New Yorker, GEO, National Geographic Publications, and The New York Times. His most recent book is Ancient Marks, a documentation of traditional tribal tattooing around the planet.

www.chrisrainier.com | www.ancientmarks.com


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