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Christopher Talbot Frank

"My love for the outdoors brings me to various locations from the hottest deserts to the highest mountains. I capture a sense of place by photographing wildflowers at their peak in the deserts, mountains, valleys, and along the coast. I also shoot beautiful and vibrant fall colors, lush waterfalls, snow capped mountains, and inspirational sunsets over the coast. I have photographed the landscape this way for over 25 years."

Christopher Talbot Frank is a large-format landscape photographer. He uses a 4x5 view camera exclusively for his work to capture superior images of nature the with extreme detail and brilliant colors. His scenic photographs are outstanding, and they give you a feel for the natural environment where the subject was located.

Christopher's work has appeared internationally in advertisements, books, calendars, magazine covers, posters, web pages, and various other media. Some of his clients include Lowepro, Audubon, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Adventure 16, Kodak, Visa, Toyo, Time-Life, Fidelity Investments, Grey Advertising, Bank One, Quaker Oats, and many more.




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