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Craig Pulsifer

"The drive for effective storytelling should override all arguments over the choices of print vs. web, film vs. digital, stills vs. motion, Canon vs. Nikon and Ford vs. Chevy. Ultimately, I want my work to engage an audience at some visceral level and move them to a new level of understanding that directly affects their attitudes and actions."

In 1999, Craig Pulsifer left a career in forest engineering to pursue his current profession and passion: humanitarian and travel photography. His self-taught, eclectic style draws the viewer into the scenes of subtle and not-so-subtle extremes of reality. Pulsifer travels the world on his editorial and humanitarian assignments. If you’re a Lowepro fan, you may recognize his engaging backpack videos for the DryZone 200 and SlingShot 302 AW. Pulsifer is an Aurora Photos Contributor based in British Columbia, Canada.



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