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Daisy Gilardini

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Daisy Gilardini

"Travel for me is synonymous with adventure. I don't take pictures in order to have the best photo to sell; my photographs come from the heart. I take photographs to stay connected with nature and animals, and to share exceptional moments with special people -- these are the things I love most in my life."

Based in Lugano-Ticino, Switzerland, Daisy started taking photography seriously during her first trip to India in 1989 and since then has visited more than 30 countries with camera in hand. She fell in love with Antarctica during her first trip there in 1997 and since then she has regularly visited the polar regions; a passion that has become her specialty.

Daisy's work has been published in some of the best travel magazines of Europe and has worked for Smithsonian and Nature's Best magazines. She has placed well in several photo competitions and won the "Travel Photography of the Year 2004" in the living planet category.




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