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Daniel J. Cox

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Daniel J. Cox

"Early in my photography career I dreamt of making a difference. I've always felt that as humans we have a responsibility to this marvelous and most precious planet. I was young then and as is often the case my dreams were put on hold. Today those dreams have been reborn with a renewed global interest in changing the way humanity interacts with the natural world."

Daniel J. Cox's vision and passion for nature, dedication to the art of photography and concern for the environment has earned him high regard during his 28 year profession. His accomplishments include two National Geographic cover stories and sole photographer of nine books. He's a Nikon Legend, part of Hewlett-Packard's Professionals Team and an American Photo's Mentor.

As an advisory board member of Polar Bears International (PBI), Daniel helps communicate their mission to educate, inspire and inform the world about climate change and how it will affect the polar bear.




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