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Eric Meola

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Eric Meola

"I started making images when photography was about inspiration. I was inspired by my mentors, and by their love of their craft and the magical way in which they captured both the light and moments in time. If I inspire one kid to look at photography differently, then I've accomplished something important."

A master of multiple genres, Eric Meola's work ranges from commercial to wildlife and nature photography. He has received accolades from the New York Art Directors' Club, Communications Arts, American Society of Media Photographers and AdWeek. A "Clio" recipient, he also is a Canon "Explorers of Light" photographer. His most recent book, INDIA: In Word and Image, captures and reveals the colorful, mysterious and complex country. In 2006, Born to Run: The Unseen Photos was published — showcasing his photographs from the shoot for Bruce Springsteen's seminal album.



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