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Gavriel Jecan

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Gavriel Jecan

"Every photographer has a vision. I had mine at 12 when my father gave me my first film camera. Suddenly, this unknown world captured me and I started exploring the wilderness around the city where I was born. Today, as a professional photographer, I still like to experiment, explore different locations around the world, and let interesting subjects carry me beyond the subjects themselves. I also like to share my passion by teaching newcomers—and enthusiasts—my approach to photography."

Gavriel Jecan takes his vision and his camera gear to some of the most remote and exotic locations to capture and catalog his collection of travel, landscape, wildlife, architecture and indigenous culture images. His work is represented by Getty Images, Corbis and AGE Photo Stock. He has published five books: C for Coyote, Wild Colors, Alaska Animal Babies, Hide and Seek and Southwest Colors. Gavriel leads photography workshops and photo tours in China, India, Southeast Asia, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia, among other places.



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