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Gil Smith

“I came to photography in the 60’s – the age of posters. Photography was an exciting way of expressing my ideas; I knew it would be my profession.

After graduation, I got a job as assistant to James B. Wood, the hottest photographer in Los Angeles. When I went out on my own – before I really understood the business of photography – Chrysler was my first client.

I love shooting in back country powder, with a SnoCat, building jumps and working with the best athletes. On an Oakley winter shoot, I devised a way of working that gave the images a really different look. The style has been copied many times, which is the best compliment.”

Gil’s work has, quite simply, changed the way commercial photographers create advertising. He is one of the world’s top car photographers, a groundbreaking extreme sports shooter and one of the Canon USA Explorers of Light.




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