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George Gorman

"A great photograph asks as many questions as it answers. The photograph is perceived as the representation of a moment in time that existed or is real...after all, it must be real."

Greg Gorman's work documents that peculiar obsession of the 20th-century celebrity. Each shot gives a picture of human nature in its infinite range and is a testament to the individual character. For over two decades, Greg has continued to master the art of photography. From personality portraits and advertising campaigns to magazine layouts and fine art work, He has developed and showcased a discriminating and unique style in his profession.

Besides traveling the world photographing projects for such clients as Epson and Disney, Greg continues to work on compilations of his imagery. He will next release a book on his award winning l.a. Eyeworks campaign and following that, a book of male portraits spanning the length of his career. These releases join his previously published books: Greg Gorman Volume I, Greg Gorman Volume II, Inside Life, Perspectives, As I See It, and Just Between Us.



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