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Heath Korvola

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Heath Korvola

"Photography is life. It's the split seconds that make up each day + I'm fascinated by those moments. The play between timing + light + creativity + science involved with creating images is what motivates me each day. From portraits to slice-of-life, I find each situation presents unique challenges. In the words of French film maker Robert Bresson, 'make visible what, perhaps without you, might never have been seen.'"

Heath Korvola has a touch for capturing the human spirit in a variety of environments + activities. His work has been featured on everything from a US Postal Service stamp to larger than life advertising. The Portland, OR native who spent years in Japan + speaks the language now shoots for top editorial + commercial clients including 24 Hour Fitness, Columbia Sportswear, Merrell, Life Magazine, Outside + others.

He is also proud of his various projects including work throughout Asia, a look at haircuts titled ihavemohawk + a large scale pro bono endeavor called Project HELP 2009. Project HELP involved a week of donated work to provide a visual media facelift for a non-profit called NYPAW which helps young people affected by war.



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