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Jared Ogden

“I’ve been seeking out first ascents since the age of four when I scaled a giant Oak tree in my backyard. In addition to being a seasoned photographer and writer, I can also lay claim to many first ice and rock ascents all over the planet. In June 2004, I spent time in Greenland, putting up a 5.12+ first ascent, along the new route "Prowed and Free", which completes a line on the central pillar of Nalumasortoq.”
Jared has traveled to Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Alaska, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Pakistan, Thailand, Tibet and Nepal seeking out first ascents. His photographic endeavors have also taken him to Aspen, Colorado to shoot for Shape and to Guyana to cover an expedition for National Geographic. Jared also contributes to Men's Journal, Men's Health, and Climbing magazines as well as writes expedition reports and climbing technique tips for Climbing, American Alpine Journal, Gripped, and Alpinist. Though his work keeps him busy, Jared still manages to be a great husband and a father to his three-year-old son.




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