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Joanne Panizzera

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Joanne Panizzera

"Underwater photography is one of my biggest passions. I find the kaleidoscope of color coupled with the bizarre creatures intriguing. You never know what you'll encounter on each dive; there's always something new to learn. I have a deep respect for coral reef systems, and shooting in such delicate locations requires solid diving skills and the ability to work with rather heavy, cumbersome gear. To capture the colors I see at depth, I have to manage five-foot arms that support the strobes in order to shoot wide angle."

When Lowepro human resources manager Joanne Panizzera started diving in the early 1980's, she wanted to be able to share the underwater world with people who wouldn't otherwise go there. Her passion for photography spans most of her life. She has traveled all over the world to shoot in her favorite medium — places like the Solomon Islands, Palau and Bonaire. When not underwater, she can be found traversing the landscapes of California and Wyoming on horseback.


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