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John Paul Caponigro

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John Paul Caponigro

"Seeking communion with my subject, I approach nature as sacred. I make images of processes and, as I interact with them, I highlight my creative process. I cross-pollinate a variety of media — photography, drawing, writing and music. I hope to achieve a heightened state of openness, producing a synergistic state of flow. By reducing boundaries, I strive to maximize the potential benefits offered by every component of a dynamic — subject, medium, author, audience. Celebrating diversity, versatility and interactivity, I invite the viewer to become a conscientious participant in this process."

Fine artist John Paul Caponigro is a Canon Explorer of Light, an Epson Stylus Pro, and a member of the Photoshop Hall of Fame. His clients include Apple, Kodak, Sony, and X-Rite. He teaches workshops both publicly and in his private studio.



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