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JR Geoffrion

"As a wedding photographer, photography is about finding metaphors for what I'm seeing, capturing emotions, and paying very close attention to the small details that may be overlooked but that are close to the heart of the couple."

JR is an award-winning Chicago-based wedding photographer specializing in wedding reportage. He has been capturing memorable images for over 20 years and has been covering weddings in the US and Canada for over a decade. His images have appeared in many magazine publications nationwide.

JR is known for his amazing colors, details, and high contrast black-and-white he achieves through his trademarked 29-step truArt process. To advance the photography industry, JR also advises the management of cutting-edge software and camera manufacturers on the development of new digital photography technologies.

Prior to wedding photography, JR earned an Engineering degree and MBA in Toronto and worked as a management consultant.




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