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Lonnie Brock

“I enjoy traveling throughout the West applying my background and love for the outdoor world to focus most of my work on nature itself.  The resultant images are not intended to be travel documentary, but rather carefully composed works of art with the final goal of bringing the excitement felt by the photographer to the viewer.  The vitality of the visual experience and intense emotions of the scene are captured on film in many forms - from grand vistas to isolated subjects to impressionistic renditions.  I hope the images have an impact on how others see our natural world.”

Lonnie is a founder of The Nature Workshops, a series of photographic workshops dedicated to bringing photographers of all levels closer to their natural world, which offers more than thirty in-the-field workshops per year.  In May 1998, Lonnie became the special travel editor of Nature Photographer, a national magazine devoted largely to photographic instruction, travel photography, and the preservation of nature through photography.  His work has also been featured in international photo magazines Outdoor Photographer, Shutterbug and PhotoWorld, as well as numerous regional publications.  Lonnie’s fine art photography can be found at multiple galleries, most recently the Kodak Photo Salon in Tokyo, and at corporations exhibits in various locations throughout the United States.

www.lonniebrockphoto.com / www.natureworkshops.com



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