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Lynn Goldsmith

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Lynn Goldsmith

"The camera is a passport into other people's lives. Making images of famous people has been a way for me to know some amazing individuals and work with talented people who help me to make better photographs."

"Although known for my images of celebrities, I constantly make images of all kinds of people, including myself!"

Lynn has received the Lucien Clergue and World Press award among others. Her work is exhibited in galleries internationally and has graced covers of Life, Newsweek, Time, Rollingstone, Sports Illustrated and over 100 albums. For more than 35 years, she has been considered a legend in the world of rock and roll photography. Lynn has published eight books, including a NY Times Best Seller.

Her current work with digital technology explores how identity is constructed. With self-portraits, Lynn presents the questions:  How certain can we be of who someone is? Who do you become if you are not yourself? What is real?




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