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Maki Kawakita

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Maki Kawakita

"Growing up seeing Kabuki (Japanese traditional opera) and performing Kabuki-like dance on the stage, my work has been inspired by theatre aesthetics; it possesses the same striking color and/or contrast, dynamic composition and the dramatic stories within the imagery. Shakespeare said the world is like a stage in which we're all players: I perform through the lens"

Maki's current shows and accolades include: a 2008 exhibition at NMM Gallery in Milan, Italy; 2008 award for Portraiture from the Prix de la Photographie, Paris; and selection in 2007 by Commercial Photography as one of the best 100 Photographers of Japan. Celebrities she has recently shot include Beyoncé, Paris Hilton and Willie McGinest. Maki shows her work in Laurent Strouk Gallery, Paris, and her blue-chip clients have included: Time, Marie Claire, Vibe, Coors, Levi Strauss & Co., Smirnoff, BNP Paribas, Sony Music, Universal Records, Virgin Records and Warner Music.



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