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Mark Alberhasky

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"When the subject catches my eye I can't resist shooting. That might be inches from a surgical field in the OR, or chest deep in water chasing a windsurfer."

Mark Alberhasky has spent over 30 years looking at the world from two very different visual perspectives. As a physician and hospital pathologist, his view finder is a microscope, from which he diagnoses disease. But it's when he trades the microscope for a camera, that his passion for photography takes center stage.

Encouraged by industry mentors to promote his work, he has become a contributing photographer for Nikon. Mark was recently featured in Nikon World Magazine, and shoots for Nikon advertising as well as their website. His work was among those selected from worldwide entries in the 2nd annual competition by Smithsonian Magazine. He recently hung backwards out of a race car on the track to capture the right perspective of speed to realize his vision.




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