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Marko Shapiro

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Marko Shapiro

"At 10 years old, I got my first camera and learned how to take pictures manually. Shortly thereafter, I also learned how to process black and white film by hand. I have spent nearly most my life behind the lens though in the past 25 years I have focused most of my time on winter sports. I prefer to be known as an outdoor photographer for all 4 seasons, holding equal fascination. The outdoors are so perfect for me because anything that moves is a picture asking to be taken. The combination of light and movement are my passions. I have traveled all over the world on various projects always keeping the outdoors in mind."

Mark's the dean of mountain photography, a consummate expert, "the master of light", according to a French snowboard magazine. Using what he calls "God's vantage point," he catches the essence of the alpine experience. A photo of his in Powder magazine was captioned simply, "Best Photo. Period." Awesomely talented, Mark is also mentor to many of todays top snow shooters. He is also profiled regularly in the European press.



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