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Martin Sundberg

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Martin Sundberg

"I specialize in capturing people passionate about life and what they do - while they are doing it."

An accomplished skier, paddler, and endurance enthusiast, Martin surprises the athletes and models he's assigned to keep up with - even with 35 pounds of camera gear on his back! While his ability to get into challenging landscapes to find unique points of view separates him from the pack, his mastery of light and composition produces images outside the ordinary.

A former biology teacher from  Minnesota, Martin now makes his home in the San Francisco Bay Area.  When not traveling on assignment he enjoys paddling his surf skis on the bay, particularly when the Golden Gate wind tunnel whips the Bay into a froth.

Martin shoots for publications such as  National Geographic Adventure, Men's Journal, Outside and Runner's World, as well as for corporate clients, outdoor catalogs and educational institutions. He keeps his educator's teeth sharp by teaching digital photography workshops from the Bay Area to the Galapagos Islands.




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