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Max Morse

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Max Morse

"When I was in school a photographer told me that my pictures were showing how a situation looked and not how it felt. That was a big moment for me, because now I really try to focus on feeling in my shots.

The combination of beautiful aesthetic and storytelling moments is what I strive for in my photos. I love color and design, and I hope that my images always reflect that.

I've always been a big fan of sports, so to shoot them is the ultimate rush. I try to play the games in my head along with the athletes."

Max Morse is a freelance visual journalist based in Southern California. Having attended Brooks Institute of Photography, Max was not only trained in the art of visual storytelling through photos, but also digital video. Max's passion for photos and the world of photography has taken him all over the country on assignment for news services, magazines, newspapers, as well as commercial clients. He regularly works Sports Illustrated, Reuters, The New York Times, and Canon USA.




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