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Michael Nichols

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Michael Nichols

"In 1980 I shot an essay on mountain gorillas and I discovered the camera could make a big difference in conservation. Since then I have been on a mission to tell the stories of endangered species. The proceeds of my book set, The Last Place on Earth, are going to conservation. Why do I care? One time, I got to what's wild and looked it in the eye. Now I don't think I can ever come back. It's an incredible privilege to go into these wild, wild places."

Michael "Nick" Nichols is Editor at Large for photography at National Geographic magazine. He has devoted himself to producing photography that effects environmental change. Nick's work with conservationists such as Mike Fay and Jane Goodall has resulted in books, the creation of 13 national parks in Africa and reforms in chimp conservation. He is a former member of Magnum Photos, and founded the Look3: Festival of the Photograph in Virginia. He lives in Sugar Hollow, VA with his wife, artist Reba Peck.


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