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"I love the freedom of freelance photography—it lets me use a really wide variety of my photographic skills. My adventures around the world make it easy for me to create a vast library of images for my travel, resort and lifestyle clients. And my passion for photographing the ocean environment has helped me become recognized in this field. Conservation is core to my work and I am proud to be a Founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers."

Professional photographer Michele Westmorland is a Fellow National of the prestigious Explorers Club, a member of the Society of Woman Geographers, Wings WorldQuest, ASMP and NANPA. She also is a 2011 inductee into the Woman Divers Hall of Fame. Much of her imagery has appeared in national and international publications. Michele has won several awards for her imagery including, Grand Prize in the Papua New Guinea Underwater category, the Environmental Photography Invitational, Photo District News, and many others. She is included in the book Adventurous Dreams-Adventurous Lives by Jason Schoonover. Her book Ocean Duets was published in 2006 and focuses on the beauty of the underwater world. Michele is a frequent speaker and has given a variety of lectures on culture and the marine environment. She also leads popular photography workshops around the globe.



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