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Michelle Gilbert

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Michelle Gilbert

"I love animals. I am able to connect with them. Animals are spontaneous and masters at being themselves. All animals have something voluntarily to say. They speak in actions, subtle expressions and gestures.

"Like humans, they have their own unique character. The trick is to catch those personality moments for their guardians to enjoy for a lifetime. Their lives are much shorter than ours and I find animals teach me that life is about the moments and not how long we are here for. Since they give us so much more than they take, I believe animals should be recognized and celebrated in our society more as companions that need as much love and care as we do."

Michelle shoots digital, 35mm, and medium format film. She is an active supporter of a variety of causes including SPCA and Plan Canada. ( my list of causes are growing!)

Michelle operates Lumiere de M, Pet and Child Portraiture in Calgary, Alberta.

Website: www.lumieredem.com



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