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Mike Libecki

"My trips are my life and my passion. Why ration passion? I travel to some of the world's most remote regions looking for first ascents and ultimate adventure. Few people have been to where I've been. I have rare opportunities for spectacular image-capturing and I feel passionate about sharing these images."

"I am stubborn about capturing life as it happens, without directing the action. That's what keeps me passionate. When you look at my images, it's quite evident that my stuff is real. Raw. Gruesome, sometimes."

"My trips are about living in the now. Out there I don't think about the past or the future. Whether I'm climbing a four thousand foot wall or battling a storm, I'm just taking each moment as it comes and loving it. Each trip is meditation and training for the next expedition."

Mike's passion is ultimate adventure, especially big walls and alpine first ascents in untouched areas around the world. Mike's climbing resume includes first ascents in Antarctica, Baffin Island, China, Greenland, Madagascar, Russia and Venezuela, many of them solos. Recently, he became the first to walk across western China's "Sea of Death", the forbidding Taklimakan Desert, a 700-mile trek.




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