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Mirjam Evers

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Mirjam Evers

“I got my first camera at age 12...a Nikon...and have been shooting ever since. There is something that happens beyond me and the camera when I capture a portrait. It's as if you can almost see a person's soul and story. Perhaps, in this process, a universal connection occurs and the viewer recognizes a part of her or himself in the portrait.”

Mirjam Evers is a Dutch photographer based in New York City. She specializes in environmental portraits, travel, documentary and adventure photography. In the course of her career, Mirjam has captured the diversity of people and cultures in more than 50 countries around the globe. Her work has been published in PC Photo, Outdoor Photographer, PDN Magazine, American Photo, Popular Photography, Hamptons, Photographer's Forum "Best of Photography Annual" and International Expeditions. She is a member of ASMP and PPA and is the co-founder of www.photoquestadventures.com.




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