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Neo Ntsoma

"It felt like I had a calling to capture images of my people and my country that would add to the riches of the past and help tell and explain the story of our time, now and, perhaps, for generations to come..."

One of the few black female professional photographers in South Africa, Neo Ntsoma joined The Star - one of South Africa's biggest daily Newspapers - as staff photographer in 2000. She also worked as a tutor at the Pathshala South Asian Institute of Photography in Bangladesh. Her work has been published in various international publications including The Washington Post, Time Magazine, The London Telegraph, and the Prince Clause Fund Journal. Her photographs have been exhibited in countries such as the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, France, India and Bangladesh and her photo-project, "South African Youth ID - Kwaito culture", appeared in the book Moving in Time, an anthology of work from 50 South African photographers celebrating the past 10 years of democracy in South Africa. In 2005 Neo was a National Geographic All Roads Photography Program awardee.




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