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Paul Van Hoy

 "I'm a portrait photographer, a hunter/gatherer of forms, faces and expressions. I am most interested in vulnerability and rare moments of discontinuity in which defining moments materialize and disintegrate simultaneously. For me, this is what street photography is all about. It is crucial that the photographer be improvisational not only on a technical level, but his or her spontaneity should also extend to the persuasions necessary to gain the momentary trust of a desired subject."

Paul resides in Rochester, NY where he recently earned his MFA in Fine Art Photography from the Rochester Institute of Photography. In 2007 Paul won first place in Microsoft's International Student Competition. Paul's work has been published in many Photographic magazines, including CMYK Magazine, Photographer's Forum, Professional Photographer, Camera Arts and Creative Quarterly. Currently, Paul works as a commercial photographer and an educator in the Western NY area.




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