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Peter Carides

"Being an engineer by profession, photography is irresistibly captivating because of the fascinating juxtaposition of its various academic, creative, personal and technical facets. More importantly, however, it is a catalyst that fosters ethical, social and creative development by enabling both artists and beholders alike, to collaborate, explore and discover. The inspirational and supportive photographic community exemplifies a commitment to pro-social values through personal responsibility, respect and caring for others, and boldly stands against the censorious, bigoted, condemnatory and hypercritical."

Peter has been a portrait and fashion photographer for fifteen years and switched to digital about five years ago. He is the photo technician for Panorama USA, an association of high-level artists, each specializing in proficiencies, such as photography, graphic design, and makeup artistry, generally associated with portraiture and fashion. As a consummate early adopter, he has made Adobe Lightroom an integral part of his workflow.

Since working as a photo technician, Peter has entered further into the realm of photography with portraiture, fashion and photography education.




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