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Peter Hemming

"For me, photography is a passport to adventure. Whenever I'm on assignment whether in the US or abroad, the doors just seem to open automatically when you're a photo-journalist. Because of this, I've hung off thousand foot cliffs to get action shots of climbers, dove under arctic ice to photograph the rare Greenland shark, and crossed the Serengeti searching for lions. What job could be better?"

"Because so much of the world has been photographed, the challenge now is to create a more interesting image. A standard daylight photo of Yosemite's famous Half Dome is just that, standard. Wait for the warm light of sunset and you have a winner. Wait for winter and you've got a masterpiece."

Peter started his photojournalism career while still in high school and was regularly published in scuba dive magazines.  In the 1980's, for reasons that escape him today, he decided to get into the family business and into TV & film acting.  As surmised he didn't become a big star! 




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