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Pete Turner

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Pete Turner

"You could say my interest in photography began in the darkroom, when I watched a friend produce black and white images under a red light. I was fascinated by what darkroom chemicals could do. Ironically, I wound up shooting color.

"I strive for strong color, but my images aren't color-dependent. You could take the color out and they'd still have strong graphics. If you just rely on color, your viewer doesn't have anywhere to go next.

"Africa is a source of constant inspiration for me. My first major assignment was a seven-month caravan trek from Capetown to Cairo. No one had done anything like it before. At the end of the trip, when we wagon-wheeled our 43 Airstream Trailers between the sphinx and the Great Pyramid, I felt we had achieved something. The pictures from that trip really got me noticed and started on my career."

Pete is a legend of contemporary color photography. He has over 300 awards to his credit and his work is represented in major museums around the world. While Pete has shot ad campaigns, commercial images and even movie stills, travel photography keeps calling him back. His most recent book is Pete Turner African Journey.



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