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Rich Wheater

"Photography allows me to live adventurous moments vicariously through my subjects, even if my position is relatively safe. I like to bring the environment and action to the viewer, sucking them into the scene. I love transforming these dynamic moments into visually compelling compositions."

Based out of Vancouver, BC.Rich Wheater has been shooting adventure and outdoor sports for over ten years, and has worked repeatedly with many of the outdoor industry's most influential clients, including Patagonia, Arcteryx, Black Diamond, Mountain Equipment Coop, Backpacker, Climbing, Rock and Ice, Explore, and numerous agencies and designers world-wide. He is ultimately motivated to capture both strong visual design and tight action together to bring the beauty of the outdoors and human drama to the same image.

In addition to handling his own busy stock sales, Rich is represented by Aurora Photos and British Columbia Photos specialty stock agencies.




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