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Richard E. Aaron

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Richard E. Aaron

"I've shot still photography for a wide variety of media, ranging from feature films, television and video to corporate public relations, entertainment publicity and album covers."

Best known for his music photography, he was honored by Modern Photography Magazine as one of the "10 Best Rock Photographers" in the world, he has more than 50 album covers to his credit including "FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE," still the biggest selling double live LP.  He shot the first photographic rock 'n' roll cover of Time magazine - Paul McCartney/Wings Over America. All told, his work has appeared in more than 6,000 magazines, newspapers and books worldwide.

His extensive work in music photography includes over 4,000 groups photographed, with projects for many top rock & roll groups around the world. He traveled through the People's Republic of China for several months in 1986, where he documented the first Western rock group to record an album and tour.

He still shoots music videos, CD jackets and publicity. A native of New York, Mr. Aaron and his photo agency have been located in Los Angeles since 1980. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts (New York City) and of Brooks Institute of Photography (Santa Barbara, California). BA, BFA, MA.




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