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Rod Planck

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Rod Planck

“My inspiration for making beautiful images comes from my 25 plus years experience in the field, being out in the wild, gaining an understanding of my subject matter and engaging my creative capacity. My creative expression has led to a successful freelance nature photography business that is run primarily by my wife, Marlene. Together we are as enthusiastic teaching others about nature photography as we are being in the field.”

Rod’s images have appeared in various magazines such as Audubon, Sierra, Natural History, and Backpacker among others. His instructional articles and portfolio pieces have appeared in Outdoor Photographer, Birder’s World, Nature’s Best, Photolife, Shutterbug, and The Nature Photographer. Rod has worked on print advertisements with clients such as Nikon, Fuji, and Kodak, as well as television advertisements. Rod has a deep respect for the natural world, which is the focus of his photography. His programs do not contain images of captive animals from game farms or zoos nor does he manipulate his images by using a computer.




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