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“Wildlife photography is more than capturing an image. It is the opportunity to preserve, on film, the drama of a fleeting moment in the life of a particular species. When I am fortunate enough to capture one of those moments, I begin to realize that I am touching something greater than life itself. Many wildlife species are being threatened with extinction. If they are to survive, then we, as humans, must learn to coexist with them. Photography and writing provide me with the platform I need to foster an appreciation for the uniqueness of my wild brothers and sisters which, hopefully will lead to their survival.”

Weldon’s images have been exhibited in the Denver Museum of Natural History and Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History. His first book, Watchable Birds of the Rocky Mountains, was published in 1992. His second book, A Guide to Photographing Rocky Mountain Wildlife, followed in 1996. Not only has Weldon and his work been featured on major television networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC, his images have appeared in numerous magazines including Mature Outlook, Backpacker, National Wildlife, National Parks Magazine, Bird Watcher’s Digest, Outdoor Photographer, Nature Photographer, and Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic to name just a few.




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